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Bobby King

Album 1
"They Don't Know"

Bruce Springstein and Bobby King

was born Albert Bobby King in a little city in Louisiana called Lake Charles. In case you don't know where it is, I'll tell you. It is right off the east Coast of Texas and the last city in West Louisiana.

I was born to Rev. O'Neal King and Mrs. Clara King who must have been very compatible, because they gave birth toBobby King and Bruce Springstein
 thirteen healthy wonderful children who are very talented...as well as good looking. I say talented because every time one was born, that was a new choir member. I say good looking because everywhere we went the girls crowded around us boys. The same thing happened likewise with my four sisters.

Because of the way we were raised, we truly loved and cared for each other, even to this day.

My family grew up in church with real morals and faith. My father was our Pastor from birth until the time I left
Bobby King and Natalie Cole
 home at age of 18.

I must say that my father was a real preacher. He would tell you the truth, God's Word, whether you liked or not. He would not compromise the Word of God. If the Bible said it, he believed it, and that settled it. He would come to your house, eat your chicken and would preach to you if you were wrong. Dad didn't play...

My mom and dad were well respected in our home town. My mom was a true missionary in every aspect of the word. The Bible says that if your enemy hungers, feed him. Well my mother would sometimes cut our food short to feed someone I knew that talked bad about us. The Bible says, "do good to those that despitefully misuse you. Well my Mother would get us up early in the morning to go clean, cook, wash for people that I knew would put you down.

My poor momma loved to sing. They would call dad to make a speech in  church and momma would sing a song. I know what you are thinking. Well there isn't anything wrong with that, except my poor momma couldn't sing a lick! She was powerful in prayer and speaking, but she just couldn't sing! We would all be sitting there while momma continually tried to clear her throat, take a deep breath while we were trying to hide from embarrassment, while my dad was trying to switch from one partition to another trying to cope. Mamma didn't care. She said she was doing it for the Lord and to Him it was perfect praise, meaning it sounded good to Him. We would all say, behind momma's back, "I'm glad God likes it. But my momma was an Angel, she just couldn't sing like one!

My Great Grandmother, My Grandfather, My Dad and all of my Dad's brothers and sisters were real singers.

My Dad's Gospel Group consisted of his brothers and they would go places to sing and would bring down the house.

My dad Pastored a church called Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Churches would send invitations for my dad's choir, which consisted of his children, to come to a program of about five or six other church choirs. The other church choirs would hate to see us come in the door, because they knew that after us there would be no other!. We were that good, but being kids we didn't take salvation as serious as we should have. We were for the most part, having fun performing with raw talent but sometimes God would actually move.
Bobby King and Bruce Willis

I've always know that someday I would leave Louisiana and go to Los Angeles and persue an entertainment career.

I grew up with serious confidence in my singing ability. Matter of fact I thought I was Sam Cooke Jr.

I prepared myself mentally and physically to go to L. A. and take it by storm! I thought they've never heard anyone sing like me. I left Louisiana with no money and no plan except to take L. A. by storm. When I got to L. A., the guys that I rode with dropped me off at my brother's house, who didn't have a job and barely hanging on to his apartment, so I was in trouble as soon as I got there. He did not know I was coming.

I'm in the big city, cold, no transportation, no money, barely a place to stay, hungry, no food in his apartment but I was in L. A.. Now I had to come up with a plan. The first thing that came to mind was to go to church because I knew that if I would go to church and sing a song under the pretense that I stay if I found a job. I knew that after I sang I would have everyone in the church trying to find me a job so that I would stay at that church...and it happened that way.

Now I am being invited to eat dinner at different ones homes and found me a job. Now I could work on getting what I needed: jewelry; clothes and a nice car. Now I am on my way, I thought. I started going out to clubs where the stars hung out. If I am to be heard it may as well be by the big boys, only to find out that I was in L. A. with everyone else, but that did not bother me.
Bobby King and the Temptations

Everywhere I would sing people would approach me with their business card, inquiring if I would do studio sessions, so I connected big time doing Sessions.

When I heard about an audition being held for a male vocalist that had gospel roots, I went there and landed a principal role in a play called, "Don't bother me, I can't cope". From there I signed with Warner Bros record label and did one Album and 3 singles.

I met Ry Cooder and did most of his albums with him. I landed many recordings and sessions and performed with people such as:

Bette Midler
John Fogerty
George Harrison
Bob Dylan
Billy Preston
Bruce Springstein
Lonnie Mack
Boz Scaggs
Maria Muldaur
Rosanne Cash
Bruce Willis
Steven Stegall

I also appeared on Movie Soundtracks such as:

Club Paradise
Bobby King and Colin James and Mavis Staples and Terry Evans

Brewster's Millions
Blue City
Sweetheart Dance
Lost in the Stars
The Border
Little Shop of Horror
Long Riders

I went on to sign with Motown Records. I was introduced to Mister Terry Evans and did two CDs with Rounder Records.

I wrote and performed a song on Brewster's Millions, Movie called "Living in Materialisticality" and also appeared in the Movie, "Crossroad and lost in the Stars". I sang, "Why do fools fall in love" at the end of the "Sweetheart Dance". I had a long and exciting career and now thirty years later my life is about to change from what I thought was good, to much better. Although it made me sad at first because I didn't understand exactly what was happening to me, a power started intervening in my life that was somewhat scary but felt very fulfilling. It was called the "Power of God".

I knew a lady once that came through the music scene at the same time as myself. Everyone at that time was playing that hard vicious game, making ungodly sacrifices to become that successful super star that you'd dreamed of. Taking crap that you wouldn't have taken under normal circumstances. So when finally someone would break through to success all the others would gain hope believing they would be next.

Linda Jones broke through with a song called, "Your Precious Love". Everyone marveled and became kind of enviously happy for her. Then all of a sudden she turned from her hit record and turned to God. No one could understand after all that hard work, endless hours, humiliating circumstances, why would she walk away from what we had so diligently worked for. I didn't understand until years later when God started dealing with me. The Bible says, "the carnal mind does not understand the things of God neither can it.

How can a man come to Christ except he's drawn of the Father, "my testimony"...Bobby King and Hank Ballard and the Midnighters

One day God started drawing me. It was a gradual process that I didn't understand at the time.

God caused me to leave L. A.  and move to Louisiana. In my heart I didn't understand why I was moving to a place I'd never liked even as a kid growing up, but I came. My brothers who some are Ministers would tell me God brought me back and that would make me so angry. It seemed like I couldn't leave so I decided to open a Night Club in Lake Charles where most of my family were Ministers, handmaidens or something related to the Will of God.

My brother Billy and I, after spending tons of money to create an interesting and beautiful facility, began to disagree on everything, almost physically come to blows, until we decided one day to shut it down. Meanwhile, my family not treating us any different than before, but praying that God would not let us be successful in Lake Charles with what we had brought.

At that time, God had started to trouble my mind and found myself flipping channels to find preachers who were preaching the Gospel, I wanted to spend more time going to church and reading my Bible. I had a strong desire to stop lying, fornicating, whoremongering, doing drugs and alcohol.

I am here in Lake Charles now about 4 years when Steven Stegall requested my presence to do a tour. I needed the money, so I inquired of my God if I could go, but needless to say, God didn't tell me nothing. I just made up my mind and went. I said, "God if i go, I promise that i will never go again, unless it's to sing for you. Well after that tour ended three months later, I found myself back out with Billy Joel.

I was sitting in my Hotel on my bed in Sag Harbor, N.Y. when I decided, or should I say, the Spirit of God urged me to pick up my Bible, so I did and opened it up. The Spirit of God put my fnger right in the Bible where it says:
"Will a man, make a vow,
And defer to pay it, for God delight not in fools."

So, I knew then that I had to leave that tour.

I'm Bobby King and everyone knows that I could hear harmony that sometimes others couldn't. I was always giving harmony parts to session singers, but I had to tell Billy that I couldn't hear the harmony part, that I was required to do, so that I could or would be fired. I had to ask God to forgive me for lying, but being a Babe in Christ, I didn't know another way.

Over the years I've been approached by many that I worked for and with, and have refused.

Now I don't have a quarter, cash, check or money order but I have Jesus.

And now he's given me this CD as a blessing to everyone that hears it. Every song written by the unction of the Holy Ghost.